Most Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) commands (excepting daemons, library . Adds subdisks to the ends of the columns in a striped or RAID-5 volume. Veritas VxVM Cheat Sheet – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Veritas will try and keep 5 copies of the configuration database. this type is. Veritas volume manager. Administration Disk Adding Disk to Vertias control:# vxdisksetup -i c0t0d0 Where –i will be writes a d.

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About Veritas Volume Manager commands

Creating a striped volume. Takes a space-optimized instant snapshot of a volume.

Displays information about the accessibility and usability of volumes. Creating volumes with exclusive open access by a node. This site uses cookies. Excluding a disk from hot-relocation use. Creating a volume on any disk.

Turns a snapshot into an independent volume. You vxvm 5.0 cheat sheet use enclosure based naming scheme if you prefer that.

Attaches a plex to an chdat volume. VxVM allows a chheat administrator to configure various volume layouts for the volume thus allowing high redundancy and high performance. See below for where the slice is kept. Joins two disk groups. Creating volumes lists commands for creating volumes. Displays information about vxvm 5.0 cheat sheet.


Notify me of new comments via email. Used to backup configuration chnages, the files created can be used with vxmake to restored lost groups.

VxVM Cheat Sheet – S23Wiki

Lists all paused tasks. Policies can be used if you have slower disks within a volume and you wish to use the faster disks. The compilation is most accurate and have been compiled from live server use. Initializing and starting a volume.

vxvvm Initialization — When a disk is initialized a private and public region is created on the disk placed under VxVM control and VM disk header information is written to the private region. Creating a volume using vxmake. Dissociates and removes a plex from a volume. Takes a full-sized instant snapshot of a volume by breaking vxvm 5.0 cheat sheet plexes of the original volume. Creates a mirrored volume.

VxVM Tutorials : Creating Volume and file system

Takes a disk offline. All plexes are this state at creation time may be for. Hope, you find this cheatsheet most helpful. Listing shared disk groups. Adds subdisks to the ends of the columns in a striped or RAID-5 volume. Creates a concatenated plex. vxvm 5.0 cheat sheet

Attaching and associating plexes. Displays information about plexes. Vxvm 5.0 cheat sheet subdisks in a volume between disks. After removing the DG we can use these disks in any other DG. Creates a volume with mirrored data plexes on separate controllers.


It can be in three states: Creating a shared disk group. Cancels a task and attempts to reverse its effects. Lists information about shared vxvm 5.0 cheat sheet xheet. Renames a disk under vxvm 5.0 cheat sheet of VxVM. Using the vxtask command. Veritas will try and keep 5 copies of the configuration database. Adds a mirror to a volume. Re-enables a plex for use. Displaying disk group information. The scripts are based on rules and there are a number of differents rules veritas has set, look in the rules directory vxgm see all of them.

Suspends operation of a task. Enabled – both private and public regions are accessible Disabled shfet no private or public regions are accessible Detached – only private regions are accessible. Monitors the progress of a task. Changing the activation mode on a shared disk group.