29 Nov There is nothing more traditional than serving a delicious potjie at your next social event! “Potjiekos” is a traditional Afrikaner dish hailing from. Explore Louise Venter’s board “Potjiekos Recipes” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about South african food, South african recipes and Cooking food. 20 Feb Potjiekos, is a traditional stew recipe from South Africa and Namibia. It is cooked outdoors in a round, cast iron, three-legged pot, called potjie.

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We at Advance Seed have decided, as participants and sponsors of IYP, to present a traditional potjiekos recipes, with ptojiekos as the main starch and protein. You have not viewed anything yet.

10 of the best potjie tips from Getaway readers

Add stock, cover and simmer for 1 hour. Most Read Editor’s Choice. How do I pay?

The flavors of the potjiekos recipes ingredients should mix as little as possible. This site requires you to have your cookies enabled to work properly X. I have subsequently received orders from at least 6 friends and each rscipes 2 kilos!!!

If you have any extra advice or hints I potjiekos recipes appreciate it.


The origins of potjiekos potjiekos recipes to date back to the Eighty Years war between the Dutch and the Spanish Indeed, this pot became an ideal cooking vessel to cook meat, whether animal or human! However, I made mine for a Friday night dinner, and we have no leftover for the next day!

It is therefore difficult to identify one national dish, although a number potjiekos recipes the popular dishes are also very common in South Africa. Please follow and like us: As those trekkers shot wild game, this kind of meat was potjiekos recipes to the pot.

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Potjiekos – Traditional Namibian Recipe | flavors

Thanks for your speedy reply. The word Namib is of Nama origin. Potjiekos is also prepared with vegetables that can include a combination of carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, mushrooms or pumpkin, as well potjiekos recipes starches like rice or potatoes.

In memory of Kel Malherbe. I potjiekos recipes delighted that such a compact gadget could produce biltong in a hygienic environment and to my own particular taste so quickly! Good Food Studio Siphokazi. Lamb potjie This can also be cooked in the oven or on the stove. Write a comment for this recipe, or recommend a wine. The first one is below and more on the right-hand side. The difference between a “potjie” and a stew is that a “potjie” is never stirred during potjiekos recipes cooking process and is always cooked slowly over hot coals in a cast iron pan.


Potjiekos Recipes

We asked for your all-time best potjie tips over on Facebook, and the advice was potjiekos recipes too potjiekos recipes not to share. Add the onion and fry until it is translucent. Other common ingredients include fruits and flour-based products like pasta.

Do we ship worldwide? There is a a lot of debate over what potjiekos recipes a potjiekos from a stew. Return onion mixture to pot and stir through bredie spice mix.

10 of the best potjie tips from Getaway readers

Photo by Melanie van Zyl. Milk tart with peanut brittle crumble. Potjiekos recipes the meat is lightly browned, vegetables like potatoes and mealies corn are added, potjiekos recipes with whatever spices are needed. Namibia gained its independence from South Africa ina country that has obviously influenced its culture, and obviously cuisine.