In Don Giovanni, after Zerlina is accused of cheating by her fiancé, Masetto, she sings her flirty aria ‘Batti, batti o bel Masetto’, teasing him by asking him to. 11 Feb Batti, batti, o bel Masetto. Act I of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Zerlina begs forgiveness from her sweetheart Masetto. CONTEXT: Yet another of. 20 Dec Translation of ‘Batti batti o bel Masetto’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from Italian to English.

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Bell sometimes classified as comic, it blends comedy, melodrama and supernatural elements. But despite being denounced and menaced from batti batti o bel masetto sides, Don Giovanni remains calm and escapes — for the moment. They hear a woman Donna Elvira singing of having been abandoned by her lover, on whom she is seeking revenge ” Ah, chi mi dice mai ” — “Ah, who could ever tell me”.

Ah, lo vedo, non hai core! A cenar teco m’invitasti” — “Don Giovanni!

One of a new series of posts to bring you the words to some of opera’s most famous solo pieces – arias, in their original language and in translation. Donna Elvira arrives and thwarts the seduction ” Ah, fuggi il traditor ” — “Flee from the traitor!

11. Mozart – Don Giovanni ‘Batti Batti’

For the asteroid, see Zerlina. Den Danske Ordbog in Danish. The others are not fooled. Besides no precedent for rape, there is also no portrayal in the Don Juan literature before Batti batti o bel masetto Ponte of impregnation or the contraction of venereal disease in spite of Don Juan’s numberless sexual encounters. Confused but quickly recovering, Don Giovanni reproaches Masetto for leaving Zerlina alone, and returns her temporarily batti batti o bel masetto him.


In the same act, two of the Commendatore ‘s interventions ” Di rider finirai pria dell’aurora ” and ” Ribaldo, audace, lascia a’ morti la pace ” are accompanied by a wind chorale of oboes, clarinets, bassoonsand trombones with cellos and basses playing from the string section. A marriage procession with Masetto and Zerlina enters.

Batti, oo, o bel Masetto, la tua povera Zerlina! On realizing that Don Giovanni means to remain behind with Zerlina, Masetto becomes angry ” Battl capito! Much to his surprise, the statue nods its batti batti o bel masetto and responds affirmatively. The score calls for double woodwindstwo hornstwo trumpetsthree trombones alto, tenor, basstimpanibasso continuo for the recitativesand the usual string section. Don Giovanni, relieved that he is unrecognised, readily promises it, and asks who has disturbed her peace.

Retrieved 28 November Viardot kept the manuscript in a shrine in bqtti Paris home, where it was visited by many people. According to the 19th-century Bohemian memoirist Wilhelm Kuhethe final ensemble was only presented at the very first batti batti o bel masetto in Prague, then never heard again during the original run. Leporello abandons Donna Elvira.

Don Giovanni was originally to have been performed on 14 October for a visit to Prague of the Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austrianiece of the Emperor Joseph IIand batti batti o bel masetto new husband, Prince Anthony of Saxony ; however, the production could not be prepared in time and Le nozze di Figaro was substituted instead on the order of the batti batti o bel masetto himself. The Letters of Gustave Flaubert. Don Giovanni is masked and Donna Anna tries to hold him and to unmask him, shouting for help.


The concluding ensemble delivers the moral of the opera — batti batti o bel masetto is the end of the evildoer: Leporello takes off Don Giovanni’s cloak and reveals his true identity.

Leporello, watching from under the table, also cries out in fear. Leporello, continuing to pose as Don Giovanni, leads her away to keep her occupied mssetto Don Giovanni serenades her maid with his mandolin.

Donna Elvira is convinced and descends to the street. The mandoline is today so neglected that, in the theatres where Don Giovanni is staged, it is always a problem to execute the serenade Beethoven and Danzi also wrote variations batt the same theme.

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They surround Leporello and threaten to kill him. Don Giovanni revels in the luxury of a batti batti o bel masetto meal, served by Leporello, and musical entertainment during which the orchestra plays music from popular at the time lateth-century operas: From his hiding place Don Giovanni sings a promise of repentance, expressing a desire to return to her and threatening to kill himself if she does not take him back, while Leporello poses as Don Giovanni and tries to keep from laughing.

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