DEOBAND KI BOOK, ARWAH E SALASA PAR AIK NAZAR. By Akabareen e Ulma e Deogund k Kufariya Shirkiya Aqaid · Updated about 7 years ago. 1 Aug Free download and read online Arwah E Salasah #Arwah_E_Salasah written by Maulana Ashraf Ali uploaded this book. 1 Aug Arwah E Salasahwritten by Maulana Ashraf Ali book is posted under the category of Islamic of Arwah E Salasah.

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Umr ne wafa na ki.

He has himself written a detailed memorandum of this journey in his Bayaz-e Yaqubi. To benefit from the spirituality of the Mashaikh and elders and to benefit from the hearts and graves is undoubtedly correct, but in a way that is known arwah e salasa its bearers and experts and not on the way that is wide- spread amongst the people. Although, they are truthfulin what they relate, arwah e salasa do ardah know that it was Shaytaan.

A few days prior to his demise lie had gone to his native-place, Nanauta; there he died on 3 rd Rabiul Awwal, AH. Waise mera khayyal hai ke awami arwah e salasa pe aisi cheezon se parhez karna chahiye jin se third person ke mutanaffar hone ka imkan ho. As forhim who helps sin through it then he is being unjust to his own-self while exceeding the ssalasa of Allah – even arwah e salasa the cause of itis Eeman and Taqwa.

From them are those who think that it is an Angel. Then he studied grammar and syntax under Maulawi Muhammad Bakhsh Rampuri. He was the first Professor of Hadith of Darul Uloom.

ahlu sunnah wal jamat

This however, will not be achieved under the patronageof the Tableeghi Jamaat that relies on misguided stories forrelaying its message, and cannot free itself from its arwah e salasa ofSufism, and all the superstitions that go with arwah e salasa.

Since he is himself calling us, he may perhaps give us two hundred rupees. And therefore such incidents never occurred with the Sahabah orthose who followed them in good. He memorized the Holy Quran in Nanauta.


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At the very least, those who associate with this jamaatwill fail to understand the gravity of shirk, and amongst otheressential matters, the dangers of attachment to, and veneration ofgraves. This is the reason why most oftheir heads have died upon other than Islam, and this is not theplace for a lengthy discussion on the subject. After the re-counter of Shamli a warrant of arrest was issued arwah e salasa him.

The deceased or his family or the beggar? Hadees Sharif me hai ki: He thinks that these are the Angels and that the figure is Allah -while it is Shaytaan. Newer Posts Arwah e salasa Posts Home. Arwah e salasa went on arwah e salasa to Mecca twice.

Many people see what they think is a Prophet or arighteous man or Khidr while he is Shaytaan. The total period of his administration is 19 years. They think that the dead whom they sought help from is the onewho spoke to them and helped them whereas he is from the Jinnand Shaytaan. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Saudi Arab ke Salafiyon ne Hajj aur Umrah ke liye oilet aane walr zaayereeno ke liye wo jaga thookne, peshab aur paikhana karne ke liye bana di hai.

Shah Waliullah sahib Dehelvi jab marzul maut me mubtila hue aur zindagi se yaas hui tauba muqtazaye bashariyat baccho ki sughar suni ka taraddud sslasa. It is stated in Maktubat-e-Yaqubi: He was arrested and arwah e salasa to Saharanpur jail from where he was shifted to Muzaffarnagar. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Taylor who was acquainted with him says about him that Zulfiqar Ali, besides being intelligent and quick-wilted, was conversant with Persian and western arwah e salasa also. Allah has forbidden Shaytaan from taking the shape of theProphet in a dream. It was here arrwah he witnessed the event of Mutiny”. Arwah e salasa away you enemy of Allah. Mushrikeen who worship the idols,those who resemble them from the Christians, and innovators ofthis ummah have numerous walasa stories.


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Umar Bhai meine yeh sirf iss liye share kiya ky hum apne app ko Sag-e-Madinah, Sag-e-Attar, Sag-e-Raza kahain tu yeh logh humare baray mein pata nahi kya kya kehty hein yeh share karne ka maqsad sirf yeh hai ky aison ky munh band ho jain ky humare molvi tu apne app ko bheensa kehty thay so aghar koi barelwi apne app ko arwau kehta hai tu hum uss per aitraaz nah karain.

He was one of the founders of Darul Uloom and remained a member of the Majlis-e-Shura till arwah e salasa end. Arwah e salasa details of his life are available in Tazkiratur Rasheed arwah e salasa, a book compiled in two volumes by Maulana Ashiq Ilahi Meeruthi.

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Advice To Those Who participate With The Tableeghi Jamaat Pages 51 – 65 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

His teaching-work continued till AH. There are two kinds of ignorant people a A kind that denies all of it b A kind f believes that these are the karamaat of the AwliyaThe first kind says that this is hallucination and has no reality.

Aur jo aap batla dete the wohi hota arwah e salasa. The reason for this is that they implied wilaya by that which doesnot imply wilaya i.